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With time, plastic headlights deteriorate, becoming yellow and hazy. 
As a result, headlights lose some of their brightness, endangering both the driver and other drivers. 
Using Headlight Restorer to clean up foggy,yellow headlights will improve driving vision
Headlight Restorer is good for headlights that have light yellowing or haze,while the Headlight Restoration Kit is suggested for headlights that have more severe oxidation.
Using Headlight Restorer to clean up foggy,yellow headlights will improve driving vision
Headlight Restorer is good for headlights that have light yellowing or haze, while the Headlight Restoration Kit is suggested for headlights that have more severe oxidation. 
With time, plastic headlights deteriorate, becoming yellow and hazy. 
As a result, headlights lose some of their brightness.

*Removes haze and discolouration to assist in restoring clear plastic.
*clearer headlight lenses increase visibility
*Rinse and dry with a fresh cotton cloth or paper towel.
*Apply Headlight Restorer directly to the headlight surface or on a soft, damp cloth.
*Rub the plastic headlamp in a circular motion while applying pressure.
*Rinse and dry with a gentle cloth or clean paper towel.

Restore Your Headlights Without Replacing Them

Instead of buying pricey new headlight lenses or worthless solvents, use our Headlight Lens Restoration compound. In order to prevent oxidation, dirt, and scratches from forming on your lenses, which would lower the value of your automobile and make it more difficult for you to see while driving safely, use a full combination of light abrasives, polishes, and protectants.

A compound that permits tool-free headlamp lens restoration is an option. The whole package with a broad spectrum of abrasive discs can be used for sanding, finishing, and refining to remove discolouration that can make your headlights, taillights, fog lights, and directional lights appear foggy and yellow for a fraction of the expense and effort of buying and installing new lenses. Each kit comes with all the supplies needed to repair two headlight lenses.

How Does it Work?
Clear plastic lenses cannot be restored by regular cleaners in the same way that our Headlight Restoration compound can. Use our high-performance masking tape to first cover the painted surfaces all around the lens you are mending. Use our sequential system of abrasive discs to remove dirt, haze, yellowing, scratches, and other material accumulation on the plastic lens. Characteristics of several headlight restoration substances Compound for the brightest shine and clarity possible. Then, using a delicate cloth, apply a thin coating. Once you've removed the masking tape, you're finished.

Multiple layers of abrasive material can be found in these designed, precise mineral systems. As the structures age, new, sharp mineral becomes seen. As a result, the abrasive removes the yellowing, dirt buildup and cuts more quickly, keeps its edge longer, and permits exact finish control.

Why Do You Need Headlight Restoration?
Modern automobiles have more plastic components, such as plastic headlight lenses, tail lights, trailer lights, and motorcycle windscreens. Plastic components are great for durability and decreasing overall weight, but they can turn yellow and hazy with time, exposure to sunlight, and sand, impairing visibility and diminishing the vehicle's value. The impacts on a car's worth can vary, but there is no denying the risks brought on by poor vision: It causes 2.8 million accidents, 23,000 fatal collisions, and 2,300 pedestrian fatalities annually, according to the Motor Vehicle Lighting Council. You, your passengers, and other cars may be in risk as a result of the limited visibility. It might be caused by dim headlight bulbs and hazy plastic headlight lenses or surfaces.

Points to CHECK 

  • Before using the headlight restorer, make sure the headlight is clean.
  • One headlamp at a time, fix it.
  • Apply the headlight restorer by pressing down firmly and rubbing in a circular motion.
  • In order to achieve the best results, excessively foggy headlights might need a second treatment.
  • Shake firmly before using.
Product Type
Headlight Restoration compound
Heavy, Light, Medium
Volume (Imperial)
140 ml per bottle


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